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Kyle's Communist Story

Run, run, as fast as you can

Kyle has finaly started to write another story. This page is like a trailer page to give you information about to upcomming story.

This story has James as the star. In the year 2002, Communist Russia attacked and overran the rest of the world (I know communism in Russia has failed, but let's ignore that for now). In the war against Russia, James somehow got transported about 50 years into the future. Here he finds the world controled by communists. He also finds "true love" (Kyle's words) in the form of Rachel.

And now here are some links to more information about the story.

The first email trailer
This email was sent to many people a fair while ago. Many of the ideas have changed, but others are the same.

Kyle and the Communists
This is an interview with Kyle about the upcomming story.

Kyle's inspiration
This was a short story I wrote using Kyle's ideas in order to inspire him to keep writing.

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