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Halt - who goes there!

My name is Bob. I am in charge of security here at the JawaPro Alliance. That means JawaPro.com, HeadlessMoron.com, OverlordOfHarmony.com, and whatever other websites are part of the Alliance.

Before you sign up - there are a few things you should know.

We have had some trouble with bots signing up here and posting stupid ads for websites selling viagra and stuff. So now you have to prove you are human before you can join.

And if we think you're a bot - we'll delete you, so do youself a favor - and include sensible information when you fill in this form - so we'll know you're legit.

Also - if you know the boss personally - you might be eligible for a higher level of access than the average bloke on the street. So please include a note to say so - and the big cheese can decide if youíre worthy of the extra honour or not.

Things like the Site_B network are only accessible to some members. If you think you deserve such an honour - make sure you mention the reasons why.

Ok - so thatís enough of a rant from me. Fill in your details and start enjoying the website!

Ok, first up - the big exam to prove your humanity - what is this a picture of?