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TAFE Stuff


Welcome to my TAFE page.
I studied at TAFE for 2 and a half years - and I really enjoyed it. I learned quite a lot there - so I decided to dedicate this part of my site to my time at TAFE.

I have completed my Cert III, IV, and Diploma of Software Development (Programming). Any students at TAFE can take a look at the stuff on this site, but please DO NOT CHEAT.


This was my last year at TAFE. I teamed up with my best friend who was also doing a Diploma, although in a different stream (I was doing Programing, he was doing Networking). We did a project for a small school called "Seabrook Christian School" where we built a file-server, and a results administration system. I have uploaded the project website. The project was called "Born to Serve" in tribute to the fact we were making a server.
Born to Serve Website


This was a great year. I did a Cert4 in both Programming and Database Admin. I also did both Internet 1 and Internet 2 as electives.
The Internet 1 and 2 classes were all about making webpages using HTML, CSS, Javascrip, Perl, PHP, and various other things. I will not show off any of my TAFE webpages here, because it would be easy to steal my code. Instead, look around you. This whole webpage is built using the skills I learnt at TAFE. I had some HTML skills before, but TAFE improved them no end.
I will host a few of the more interesting programming projects I had to do. I will host only the required files to run the programs - not the code - so you cant cheat.
The last half of Cert4 was all project managment work. I will not host any of the work we did for that, but I will offer some hints for students who are about to start the project managment classes. Hints for Project Managment Classes (Cert4)

Star Trek Battleships (exe) 0.45MB This program normally takes people ages to write. It isnt terribly far into the course, and is a lot harder than most of the assignments until the end. The assignment is to make a simple text based Battleships game. I made mine slightly Star Trek to be interesting. It also had to have a save game feature, which gets annoying if you play it, but it works. This runs in a DOS window and wont work on a non-PC.

Tractor Trailer Tanker program (exe) 0.45MB This is the final C++ assignment, but the actual coding is pretty easy. The hard part is finding the math formula you need to use. The program takes a dipstick mesurement and then tells you how much fertilizer is in the tank. That sounds easy, but the tank is on its side, and if you think about it, that makes things rather hard. The program also has to work out how much fertilizer and how much water is needed for any given paddock. It was easy enough once you found the formula. I cant remember where I found the formula, but I have it in an excel document, which is avaliable here.

Jawa Chat 0.15MB This was the final Java program we had to write. It is a simple graphical chat program that works between 2 computers on a network. Among the other techniques, this displayes networking, gui, and multi-threading techniques. You are free to use this, but in order to do so, you'll need to install the java runtime environment. This is avaliable free with the Java Development Kit (www.sun.com.)

Cert III

The courses in Cert3 will change depending on your campus and year. I have decided to upload my final assignments for the Help File, SpreadSheet, and Visual Basic parts of the course. DO NOT use any of these as your own work. They are simply for ideas.

Spread Sheet Final Assignment 0.47MB This is the final Spread Sheet assignment for the 2002 class. Do not try to show it off as your work, because it is unique enough that it will probably be remembered.

Dune II Help File 0.40MB We had to choose a subject and write a help file. I chose to make mine on a great old game called Dune 2.Useful for ideas, or if you are a fan of the game.

Visual Basic "Coffee" program 0.22MB For the final assignment of Visual Basic we had to write a coffee ordering program. It is very simple and looks functional, but it dosnt really do anything. Its a gimic - but its what we had to write.

The whole class getting our Diplomas


Thats me looking like a dork.