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Uni Results
Fri 14/07/2006 06:42 PM

I got my results back from uni.

HD - Software Project
HD - Algorithms and Metrics
D - Computer Networks
C - Short Story Elective

Not bad really.

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Ebay Sillyness
Sun 02/07/2006 06:42 PM


I bought a bad of small toys and stuff at a local market, to try and sell it all on ebay. Just for a laugh. My Dad didnt think it would work, but I´ve listed them now.

Go to ebay and take a look. Take a look at one of the auctions and click on the "View seller´s other items" to see the rest.

Feel free to buy anything there. If you are local and I know you, I´ll drop it off to save postage.


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4x4 Trip
Tue 27/06/2006 06:42 PM


Well on the weekend I went four-wheel-driving. I´ve been many times with my Dad, but this is the first time I´ve ever been a driver.

Trojen´s mate had bought himself a new 4x4 and wanted to test it out, and Dad was brave or foolish enough to let me take the Maverick. So up the scrub we went.

Pud (Trojen´s Mate) wanted to play in some mud - so the first decent puddle we found, he went charging in.

We kept going, looking for more fun.

We found a bigger puddle to play in, and to my shame - I got bogged.

Of course - I only got bogged so Pud could test out his new winch. I wasnt really stuck....

Unfourtuantly the Maverick´s fan wasnt working, and the car overheated. And I was silly enough to take the radiator cap off - so we had to go and get some more water and rig up a way to make the fan work. After that everything was fine.

And we´re planning to do it all again sometime soon. I just need to get a better fan in the Maverick.

Speaking of which - I need to go and wash the car...

I´ll put the rest of the photos up in the gallery when its working again.

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I've Been Hacked
Mon 26/06/2006 06:42 PM

Hmm - not sure why or how - but my forums seem to have been hacked.

Dunno why anyone would want to do that.

When you go there they say they arnt working, and then take you to some website that isnt working either.

I´ll try and get it sorted asap.


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Firewall Problems
Wed 21/06/2006 08:18 PM

I reinstalled windows on my PC, and added a bigger harddrive. I now have two 80Gs instead of an 80 and a 40.

But I installed Windows, my anti-virus, my firewalls, and then everthing went wrong.

The PC would have a breif bluescreen and then reboot.

Sometimes it´d be as soon as windows loaded, other times it´d last a few min first.

I was going to blame the harddrive, as it had come out of an old PC and wast completely reliable.

But turns out, it was the two firewalls fighting either other, and somehow causeing windoz errorz.

Back when I used Win2000 I had both ZoneAlarms and BlackIce running together. Why use two firewalls? Well ZA seems good for blocking outgoing programs, but BI is better for blocking incomming stuff. So I used both.

When I upgraded to XP I was slack and only used one.

But this time I installed both. They were newer versions than last time, and it was XP, so I dont know what caused the problem - but I know something did.

They dont play nice together anymore.

But at least my PC is going ok again now.


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