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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (Soft-Dev)

Name: Software Development.

Mark: High Distinction (91)

Textbook: Not required

Software Design was yet another Java unit. We did some more advanced java programming - and covered other non-language specific aspects of programming. Things like testing, planning, and all the other boring stuff. We also covered Project Management - which would have been extremely usefull BEFORE the Project units. Ah well...

It wasnt a bad unit - and not the most challenging either (notice - my highest mark ever).

The final assignment (and the only real one) was a piece of java that would connect to a database and display the contents. Might not sound like much - but it also had to be displaying in a JTree which was harder. The final result looks like this (or at least mine did).


You can take a look at my dodgey code if you want here (Download my dodgey code). From memory - I think I screwed up enough that it wont actually compile - because one file needs another to be compiled first, but that file needs the original file to be compiled before it can be... Took some figuring out - that's for sure.