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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (Project)

Name: Software Engineering Project B.

Mark: High Distinction (86)

Textbook: N/A.

Ok - one word.

We'd though the project was nearly over after the last semester - but we were wrong. Boy were we wrong.

Ok - so first up we had another design report due - which is a heap of documentation. I hate documentation - but no one else seemed to do anything - so I did most of it. We had to do enough documentation to get a min of 10 marks. We ended up getting enough for 11 marks - but 7.5 of them were from me. Out of a four man team - I did over half the work! And it wasnt even the programming - which is where I excelled.

So I got stressed by all the work - but it got worse. Arun got angry with the lack of progress (even though he was partly to blame) and decided to quit the team. He was going to drop out of uni - but he'd missed the census date and would have had to pay anyway (missed it by about 12 hours) so he ended up staying - but things got nasty and stressfull for a while there.

And after that - the lecture said I'd done more than my share - so I didnt have to do stuff for the rest of the semester. Well that was fine for a while - but we were dropping further and further behind - so I ended up having to do the coding myself again.

In hind sight - it was good that I didnt get it completely finished - because it indirectly lead to me getting work after uni.

But we got it close enough to finish with good marks. You can read more about the project here: http://www.comp.utas.edu.au/projects/2006/booktr/index.html