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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (Project)

Name: Software Engineering Project A.

Mark: High Distinction (80)

Textbook: N/A.

Project. You have to form a team, select a project, and work on it for the next two semesters. Of course, you have to meet a number of uni-imposed deadlines, as well as keeping the client happy.

No exam though.

I formed a team with Cariad, Arun, and Andy.

Not a bad group - and our project was interesting.

We were developing a Book Tracking system for the State Library of Tasmania.

We got an initial version going at the end of the first semester, and enhanced it during the second.

NOTE:If you are planning on doing project, be aware that it takes a lot of work, and you dont have the normal gaps between assessments, they come thick and fast.