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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (CS)

Name: Computer Security.

Mark: Distinction (71)

Textbook: There are 2. You NEED "The Cockoo's Egg" but not the other one.

A very interesting unit. Learnt about Kerberos and other security things. And the lecturer had a habit of showing clips from movies to demonstrate things. And the novel you have to read was a pretty good book too.

The first assignment was based on the novel "The Cockoo's Egg". A good read, but I didnt do very well on the assigment, but that was as much from being lazy as anything.

The 2nd assignment, the big one, was a team event. I teamed up with Matty, Arun, and Mark. You couldnt ask for a better team. We called ourselves ARMM (Arun Robert Matty Mark). We had to do a security report for a small chain of hotels. Security as relates to computers that is... I am not sure if the version I have uploaded here is the final version, or not quite. But either way, it can show you the idea if you are interested.

Download Assignment 2 - No cheating.

I have also uploaded a joke version of the report that I wrote and showed to the rest of the team.
Download the joke version
The comment about Bangladesh is due to a running joke among the team.