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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (Algymets)

Name: Algorithms and Metrics.

Mark: High Distinction (81)

Textbook: Bought but never read.

This unit has a bad reputation. It's got a lot of mathy stuff in it. Well, more than the other units I've done. I found it quite challenging, but passed it ok.

Lots of algorithms to memorize and apply. But the exam was easier to study for than most.

The programming aspect was all in C, which was the first time I've programmed in that. I had used C++ before, but not C itself.

The first assignment was designed to accept input from a text file (a.exe < input1) and output as specified. So it's not terribly exciting. It's designed to model a database of students and classes etc, but by using specific data structures and algorithms.
Download the 2nd Assignment - No cheating.

The second assignment was similar to the first, but the idea was to give it a graph, and for the program to create a Breadth First Tree using that input, and specify what type of edge each edge was (Tree, Back, Forward, or Cross). If you dont know what they mean, dont worry - it wasnt that exciting. />
Download the 2nd Assignment - No cheating.

I THINK both these are the final versions, but I could be mistaken.