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Death of a DAKAR legend...

Author: jawapro
Date: Mon 09/01/2006 09:18 PM

Today is a very sad day.

Andy Caldecott has been killed in the 9th stage of the DAKAR rally.

Andy was a great rider, and it was a real pleasure seeing him mix it up with the world´s best.


Andy Caldecott - A DAKAR legend...

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Author: Caldecott
Date: Thu 30/04/2020 04:25 PM

I'm Andy Caldecott's niece. Are any of the photos you've used your personal photos? if so, may i please use them for a album for my family?

Thankyou for your kind words.

gone but never forgotten.



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Author: jawapro
Date: Thu 30/04/2020 04:51 PM

Oh wow, I am very humbled (and a little embarrassed) that you stumbled on my post.


None of these were my own photos - I just felt the need to post a tribute when he passed so I found some photos on the internet. I had been following the Dakar on SBS and was really excited to see Andy doing so well. Not only was he a fellow Australian and a great rider, but he came across as a really good bloke.


I still remember the moment when I heard the news about the crash. The Dakar didn't get any mainstream news coverage in Tassie, so I was surprised when the radio started talking about it. I was waiting in a carpark in Hobart for a call from work when I heard the news. I remember the stunned and gutted feeling, and that was just from a fan who enjoyed watching him on TV.


I also remember a few years later I was helping my cousin relocate from Mount Isa to Tassie. I flew up to the Isa so we could share the driving back to Tassie. Due to floods in Queensland at the time we had to change our route days before we left and head down the centre via Alice Springs. I remember as we headed across from SA into Vic seeing a sign for Keith and thinking I knew it from somewhere but couldn't remember where. As we approached the town there was a sign saying that it was Caldecott Country and a tribute to Andy. That moment stuck with me too.


I wish I had some photos or a personal connection I could share with you - but I was just a Dakar fan mourning one of my heroes.