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Neptune's First Day

Author: jawapro
Date: Mon 07/07/2008 09:18 PM


Everyone - say hello to my new house-mate.

Currently his name is Neptune Veylisa Sniffers - but that's subject to change.

I took Emma to the RSPCA in Devonport today - but they wouldn't take her - so while we were there, I adopted a cat.

I've been planning to get one for a while - because I love cats, and my house felt like it needed one.

Emma and I went in to the cat house at the RSPCA to look for a nice sleepy cat, but instead feel in love with this not-so-sleepy one.

I had to go back to work, so Emma brought him home. The whole traumatic event of moving and Emma's driving made him pretty panicy, so it took him a while to settle down again.

He's still pretty nervous when someone makes a noise, but he's settling down pretty well.

He's had a chance to explore around - including checking out my dvd collection (He's got his priorities right - I think we'll get on just fine).


He's had a pretty big day, and still hasnt gotten the hang of doors (he keeps getting confused why half the house isnt there anymore) so he's taking it pretty easy this evening.

We'll keep you informed as he settles in.


* For those who dont know - Emma is my sister.

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Author: turkeybrain
Date: Tue 08/07/2008 09:15 AM

I hope the nervousness passes with time. It didn't with one of ours and he's probably the most insane thing I've ever seen, both animal and human. He's a bit odd...

By the way, congratulations on finally finding something hairy that Emma actually likes!



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Author: mlipsy
Date: Tue 08/07/2008 10:39 PM

What a wittle cutey-wootey... cats are almost as bad as babies in producing adults that sound like babbling idiots! Anyway, the picture with the tail is great. I'm sure these are just the best of many photos. And if so, all that flash probably didn't help her settle in..... very cute though.



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Author: jawapro
Date: Wed 09/07/2008 08:36 AM

Just to correct you - Neptune is a bloke cat.



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Author: LadyJane
Date: Thu 10/07/2008 04:46 PM

Neptune is such a good looking cat! I love his socks. Neptune is a good name, too. What would you change it to?

Buffy can also be a bit insane... she has taken to drinking from the taps and when she does, she goes ballistic! She looks around nervously, claws the carpet madly and then shoots off towards the sliding door. Then she resumes looking around nervously, and chases erasers and other small objects thrown in her general direction.

(BTW Buffy is our cat, also chosen by Emma.)



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Author: jawapro
Date: Thu 10/07/2008 05:16 PM

Neptune's the name he came with - but its not a bad name, so we'll probably stick with it.

One of the other cats we considered was called Teddy - and I would have had to change that one. Neptune is a much better name.



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Author: omnimors
Date: Fri 11/07/2008 10:58 AM

So how has Neptune adapted to all of the changes?  I hope he's having fun, and that you're enjoying his company.  



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Author: LittleSis
Date: Fri 11/07/2008 06:49 PM

I miss him already and its only been a day since I left your place.