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UNI Stuff

Uni Stuff (AI)

Name: Artificial Intelligence.

Mark: Distinction (75)

Textbook: Bought it, but never read it.

AI had the distinction of being the one class everyone left talking about.

It was interesting.

Highly recommended.

Pretty challenging exam though.

If you are going to do the unit, I strongly recomend reading Michael Crichton's Prey. Its a fictional novel, and a jolly good book. But it talks about a lot of the stuff you study in this unit, so its a great way to "get into it".

The assignments were pretty easy.

Assignment 1 was a prolog knowledge-base system that booked a holiday for you by assembling sections of the holiday from a number of virtual websites. Pretty boring.
Download Code - No cheating.

Assignment 2 much more interesting. You had to design an expert system on a topic of your choice. The hardest part by far was deciding what to make your expert system about. Mine was a system that anaylised Starships and identified them. The assignment was ment to be fairly basic, and my system could take a few inputs and determine the class of starship. Included ships from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Star Gate. As above, the code is for the Prolog language.
Download Code - No cheating.