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Mike's Trek

Mike’s Star Trek
Chapter 1

One day on the enterprise James. T. Kirk was very excited! Because today was his birthday.
He walked all around the enterprise and asked everybody if it was a special day.
They all said: “NO”. The reason they all said no is because they had forgotten it was James’s birthday! But he didn’t ask Spock.
Just then Spock walked up. He said Happy Birthday to James then explained why everybody didn’t know.

Chapter 2

So let me get this straight, they forgot because they had a memory loss so they had to learn everything they’d learnt. Am I right?”

“Yes, that’s exactly right”

“Then why didn’t it get you?”

“Because I invented a shield.”

“Then why didn’t you copy one for each person of the crue?”

“There wasn’t enough time you stupid head!”

“That’s it! You’re fired! And that’s final!”


Because you called me a stupid head!”

The argued for a very long time, until, finally, they both gave up.

Chapter 3

“We’re friends, not enemys. Right?”

“Right, very right.”

(Sp - Ja:)
It’s good to be friends!

Chapter 4

The next day on the enterprise, Spock was on the bridge. He came to see the new weapon they were building. It was half way finished! He went and told Captain James. T. Kirk the good news. James was thrilled to hear this.

“When it’s finished we will attack the Borg cube. Is that a good idea or what?”

Chapter 5

All of a sudden…. Bang!

“What was that?”

“I think I know what it was.”

Spock went back to the bridge. The weapon was damaged and bodies lay everywhere!
Then he spotted something, it was a card! It had information on it! Spock read all the information.
Then when he was finished, he went back to tell the captain.
He was very angry! Then they noticed that the enterprise was falling from the sky!

Chapter 6

“What to do now?”

They thought very hard. And just then, at last, Spock had an idea!

“The ‘eject deck’ button! Remember us installing it!”

“Yes, that’s a good idea! 3…2…1! Eject! Poof! Bang! It happened again! And at that very moment, the enterprise and it’s crew ended their voyage.

The End

Written by Mike - aged 7.


Ok, for all of you serious Star Trek fans out there who didnt like this, remember Mike is only 7, and I thought it was pretty cool. I especially love the way he worded the end. - JP

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