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Jonno Racing


Davo, Jonno, and Russ
all in a jet devil canary Blak
NOS bettle wid
dubl Nokas and udder krome stuf.
  • lowred valv springz
  • oil injektd dif
  • supachargd geirboxx with forgd infernalsv
  • led filed tyrez
  • alfoil spirol aerial
  • turboed Breake Bostr
  • Shampoed khrome flufy dicce
  • tinted reer vishun miror
  • glaz-lez windoz
  • auto-manual-matic shiftrz
  • carboon fibber exhoust
  • oilcooed ruber breack padz
  • reer seat spoilerz
  • fether das-bored
  • nik-kad 9voltt battery
  • twwinn turrbo altanetor
  • 300ci subwooferr
  • L.P.G. powwrd starter moter
  • deisel powwrd sideemirorz
  • lego engine block with mechano hed
  • wooden fly wheeel
  • Fully Sick xxl steel/titanium surfbooard optional extra

Proudly sponsered by Spastic Pumpkin Racing.

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