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It might not be terribly interesting - but it's my life, and I find it interesting...
                                                                           - Jawapro (AKA Robert Kingston) 2013


2012 Dacey - My 7th G60

I thought I had enough G60s - but then this 1977 SWB came up for sale - so it was time for another shuffle to drag it up from the south of the state. Named 'Dacey' after a character in the Game of Thrones books, this one was now first in line for restoration.

2011 Glados - My 2nd G60

On the way home from the first 'G60 Shuffle' we found two more. So another shuffle began - now 'Glados' the 1978 MWB wagon was the pride of my collection.

2011 Rothgar - My 1st G60

After deciding I'd like to restore an old G60 Patrol, I kept my eye out, and found this trayback for Sale down past Hobart. The first 'G60 Shuffle' began and we dragged the 1979 ute (which I named Rothgar) back to my Parent's place.

2009 Oscar's first trip (and repair)

Three weeks (just three) after I'd bought Oscar, I took him on a trip to Montezuma Falls... Three weeks after I bought him, I had to pull the gearbox out and replace the clutch - due to a mudhole on the Ring River track...

2009 Oscar the Pajero

In late 2009 I purchased 'Oscar' - my 1991 NH Pajero. I'd long since wanted my own 4wd - especially a short one like this.

2009 Europe Trip with Emma

My sister won a trip to Europe - and took her big brother along to pay the bills. A 2-week Contiki tour around Europe followed by a week of making our own way around England - during the middle of the coldest English winter in years....

2008 Neptune

A house isn't really a house without a pet - so meet Neptune. He's a very nice cat, but suffers a deformity which means he was born with without any brains.

2008 My New House

I bought myself a house! Welcome to the wonderful world of mortgages.....

2008 The Beard

After not shaving during the Great Geek Migration - I allowed myself to grow a beard. This replaced my trademark sideburns. Note - Russian Outfit did not come with beard

2008 The Great Geek Migration

My cousin Klutz (aka Clinton) was moving down from Mount Isa back to Tassie - so I flew up and drove back with him. An awesome road trip through the centre of the country with one of my best mates.

2006 Spirit of Tasmania - my first job

After graduating, I really hated the idea of going back to uni for another year to do Honours - so I started applying for jobs. And much to my suprise - I got one! In fact - I only had one week off after uni before I started work for TT-Line (that runs the Spirit of Tasmania Ferries).

2005-2006 Uni

After a few glorious years studying at TAFE and attending LAN parties, I once again had to decide what to do next. As a way of putting off getting a job, I enrolled at the University of Tasmania to study - you guessed it - computing.


By this stage I had grown my tradmark sideburns that were distincly uncool (apparently), and spent the majority of my time in front on a computer screen - wether studying or playing.

2003-2004 TAFE

When it came time to finish school, I had no idea what he wanted to do, so I headed off to TAFE to study computing (as it was the only thing I was any good at).

2001 My first car

My first car - a 1974 Subaru that I bought from my great-grandfather. It was a trooper of a car until I eventually ran it into the ground. I'm still sad that I got rid of it - I'd love to do it up again.

2001 - 2003 Seabrook

Eventually I joined Seabrook Christian School. I was still home-schooled part of the time, and the rest of the time I went to school with a number of other mostly home-schoolers. By this stage my obsession with computers was in full swing. It was at Seabrook that I learnt the basics of HTML and my first websites were born.

2000 The Big Trip

In the year 2000, Dad had long-service leave, so the four of us packed up and went touring the mainland for 5 months. It was an amazing trip - and an amazing opportunity (being home-schooled meant we could do this). I'd love to do it again if I get long-service leave.

Computer Games

As I got older, I discovered the joys of computers. Many days were spent playing games like Stunts, Commander Keen, and the like.

But it was when I first found a copy of Dune II that I was completely hooked.

1989 School Days Begin

"When do you want to start school?" - that was the question they asked.

"When I'm 5!" I replied. That was ages away right? Turns out it was about a week - what a stupid answer - I could have said 17! I regretted that answer for years (after a while it dawned on me that it probably wouldn't have made much difference what I'd said)

When I was five, my family was living on a farm, and they decided to homeschool. It seemed to work well, so when we left the farm we kept up with the homeschooling - using the ACE curriculum.

1984 onwards 4wding with Dad

One of my favorite pastimes was going 'bush' with Dad and the family. Whether camping or just a Saturday trip - I loved it all. I can still remember the trip this photo was taken on - and I was probably 5.

Camping at the Bay

Most Holidays meant either camping at 'the Beach' or at 'The Bay'. Ansons Bay on the east coast was scene to many family trips during my early years while my Grandparents owned a shack up there.

Approx 1987 My first Lego set

My first even Lego set - #520. The start of a hobby that I never grew out of.

My Little Sister

Along the way I got a sister called Emma, and discovered that sisters demand a lot of work. Still - I love her all the same.

Little People

Like most young folk, I grew up. Originally I was mostly known as 'Robbie', or 'Headly Aloysius Wizzbanger the Third' (in official settings) - or 'Robert' when I was in trouble.

1984 The Beginning....

I was born at a very early age. Actually - a VERY early age. So early that I was premature, and had to spend the first while in a glass crib thing so I didnt die. Not sure what was special about the glass crib, but something was - and sure enough, I didn't die.